Harsh Agrawal – Inspiration for new bloggers

Harsh Agrawal – Inspiration for new bloggers

Harsh Agrawal – Inspiration for new bloggers

Harsh Agrawal - Inspiration for new bloggers

This article is going to tell you about blogging career of Harsh Agrawal – Inspiration for new bloggers. Harsh is a ProBlogger and enterpreneur from India. Harsh is founder of ShoutMeLoud.com. He is a passionate blogger who left his job for blogging. On ShoutMeLoud.com he writes about affiliate marketing, SEO(search engine optimization), web hosting and some other interesting topics related to blogging.

Harsh is earning thousands of dollars from his blogs every month. He is a great inspiration for people who want to start blogging to make out  living from it.

Today, i am going to tell you about how he made his dream a reality with his hardwork and deication. 

Harsh and his blogging career

Harsh agrawal is a professional blogger from New Delhi-India. Harsh started blogging in 2008. He started it just as a hobby which later turned into passion and then a profession. His first blog was ShoutMeLoud.com which is also his most famous blog. Later on he started working on some other blogs also.

Harsh Agrawal - Inspiration for new bloggers

Basically, ShoutMeLoud is for any new-comer who wants to learn about blogging, from basics to advanced. ShoutMeLoud answers each and every question related to blogging. Harsh just want to help millions of creative minds to make most out of blogging in his country, as blogging is not considered as a main stream business in India. Harsh is one of the living proof that one can make a good ammount of income from blogging andopt it as a career. In ShoutMeLoud he shares all the techniques and ideas that helped him to make over $45000 a year.

“Just to be clear, ShoutMeLoud is for people who believe that they can work and earn money online, and they are pretty serious about that”  Harsh says…

How difficult was it for Harsh to choose between blogging and job in a MCA company?

Harsh use to work forr $300/mo saloried job for convergys in Gurgaon, India(Apr-july 2009). he was not happy with his job and decided to leave that job. The decision was very easy, as he had another job from Accenture. June 2009 was the toughest time for Harsh. because he was not able to decide between job in Accenture and blogging as a career. It was really a very hard decision to make, because in India if you reject an offer from a top MNC like Accenture, people will call you a fool and blogging was not popular in that era. Rejecting this job offer was a very tough decision for Harsh as a young graduate engineer, as he had no experience in running a business. Harsh after lot of discussions with friends, family and some professionals decided to listen to his heart and he opted professional blogging.

How Harsh made it…

Harsh worked from home for a long time. Working from home and keeping yourself motivated is not easy. Harsh used to ask himself one question “How do i want to see myself tomorrow?” …. Harsh always mintained a learning attitude. He always kept trying something new. He maintained a balance betwaeen his personal and professional life, which helped him in moving forward. Harsh learned from his mistakes.

“Mistakes are part of life and as an individual and as an individual we have to acknowledge our mistakes and shortcomings and work on them to fix it”    Harsh Agrawal


What Harsh have to say for new-comers in blogging?……

Harsh says that every new-comer should know that money will not come easily, if quick cash is the reason for coming into blogging, it’s not for you. You have to keep patience and work hard. Set small goals and complete them by time. You should learn from professional bloggers who share their strategies for making money.

so, this was Harsh Agrawal – Inspiration for new bloggers. If you liked this article please do share on your google+, twitter and facebook accounts.

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