How dreamers can become doers

How dreamers can become doers

How dreamers can become doers

How dreamers can become doers

How dreamers can become doers? Reply is here……You may have been called dreamer by many people and by yourself also, quite judgemental of people, anyways it rates you in the categories of good and bad. if you are a dreamer you will rated quited low and will be criticized by several people as well as made fun of. But on the other hand if you are a doer and have achieved something, you will be treated as a hero. Dreamers and doers are the two sides of the same coin. Just dreaming can’t give you the elevators to success and unless you dream of something you can do.

You need an equal and proportionate share of both to become successful. Remember, if you have a power to dream high its the time and need to take action but without comprehensive balanced approach you’ll keep going in circles. Given below are the points that will teach you How dreamers can become doers

1. Give a deadline to your goals.

You need to set a goal and give a deadline to your own action. For example you are working on some presentation, you need to give a deadline to your task, a particular time within which it should get completed.

2. Be surrounded with the doers.

Yes, its true that the birds of feather certainly flock together, but yes, its you who know where you want to fly. You may be 4 friends, all dreaming of a luxurious life, but there is great difference. You need to keep yourself not among the strong dreamers and aspirants but the die heart doers. Surround yourself with the determinent and dedicated doers. Remember, you are incharge of your own support system.

3. A balance between needs and wants.

Draw a clear line between your wants and needs. See what you want and what you actually need. This may lead you to take a second job, extra working hours, and may make you lead a much frugal life.

4. Stop things that doesn’t work.

You need to take steps to turn your dreams into reality, but not every step will take you towards your goal. You will need to select and analyse what is working and what is not. Don’t waste time on activities which seems to be fruitless. Once you realize that the step is not working, stop it right there and work out on something more impactable.

5. Keep Patience.

One thing you need to take care of is not to loose Patience. Success is not a game, you may fail several times. You have to stay positive and strong. Patience is very important.

So, these were my views on How dreamers can become doers

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