Job vs business : Whats better?

Job vs business : Whats better?

Job vs business : Whats better?

If you always keep on thinking about Job vs business : Whats better?. You really want to know about whats better a job or owning a business, then you are at the right place, this post is for you. Many people think about owning a business, but they are afraid of failure. So, they start running behind jobs. Today motivationline is going to clear all your doubts and show you a clear path for your career.

Starting with the job..I must say job is very easy to do. Business is a lot more difficult and challenging than a job. A job, on the other hand gives you a sense of safety, security and stability of a monthly pay check.  If you have a job then there will get a fixed monthly salary for your work, which may be increased with “unnoticeable amount” after a year or two. But when it comes to your own business then there is no limit for money to come in. You can take your profits depending on time you spend in your business. Having a business gives you a chance to make your own identity. With this business teaches you how to run a team and how to create leaders.

Business does not have any time restrictions  but In a job you have to fix yourself in the fixed time interval, usually that is of 8 hours. There are your own rules in your own business, so there is nothing like “others rules”. In job sometimes you can’t even provide benefit to “your boss” in some certain conditions. But in your own business you can go beyond the limits and rules to make your business successful.

In your own business you don’t have to answer anyone. but in job you will always have to give answer to your boss.

This is another important reason among why business is better then job. In job you have to wait for holidays or weekends to get a break from “work’s huge burden”. But in business you do not have to wait for holidays, you can go on vacations anytime you want.

So, these were our answers for Job vs business : Whats better?…….

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