Jonathan koon – Youngest entrepreneur

Jonathan koon – Youngest entrepreneur

Jonathan koon – Youngest entrepreneur

jonathan koon

We have heard about many legends and their legendary struggle who wanted to make their own identity but today in this blog we have collected the data of a young man who took a start at the age of 14 year  when other guys like to play in the streets. In this article we are introducing the Youngest entrepreneur – Jonathan Koon who generated a huge amount from internet marketing.


Early career

Jon Koon was born in 1983 in the Borough of Queens in New York City,he was the only child of his parents who migrated from Hong Kong. In 1998, while studying in  Stuyvesant High School, Koon launched Extreme Performance Motorsports, a company that use to import car tuning accessories from Asia. By age 16, Koon opened wholesale accounts with Asian auto distributors where he played  a major role in importing custom body kits, aftermarket wheels and rims, stereo systems, and other specialized accessories.

Koon’s business became one of the main suppliers of Pimp My Ride.

Jon Koon closed  his business while studying at Georgetown University. He graduated with a degree in international business and management. In 2004 he re-entered business and where he developed  car accessoires like cell phone holders and air ionizers that became a success among record label executives and rappers.  His move from resale to overseas manufacturing also led to contacts with garments manufacturing.

He established Koon Enterprises, which mainly manufactures headwear for the brands Rocawear, Honda and Costco.

Jonathan moon with his bike
Jonathan moon with his bike


Fashion Design

In 2008, Jon Koon purchased a street wear brand 8732 from Jay-Z at ROC Apparel Group. With platinum recording artist Young Jeezy, he started Young Jeezy 8732 Apparel Ltd, which had over $40 million in annual sales, thus became one of the three top-selling street wear brands in the U.S.

jonathan koon


The clothing company now comes under the umbrella of Tykoon Brand Holdings, which is based in his native Queens, New York.


Domenico Vacca

In 2010, Jon Koon worked with designer Domenico Vacca, to create the line “Domenico Vacca Denim”. David Lipke, writer for Women’s Wear Daily, mentioned that the partnership combined by Vacca helped in the growth of sportswear manufacturing.


Private Stock

In April 2013, Jon Koon launched Private Stock, a clothing label and store at 76 Wooster Street. The New York Times praised the store’s design, saying that due to Koon’s showmanship it “is worth exploring because it is so over the top.”

jonathan koon

On June 7, 2013, Koon’s flagship was named the  “New York’s Most Extravagant Store” .


Haculla street wear brand

In January 2015, Koon the owner of the Haculla street wear brand, along with his partner from New York City , Harif Guzman, collaborated with British streetwear label Trapstar to launch an exclusive “Haculla X Trapstar Redline” collection for Harvey Nichols.


How Jon Koon Made millions?

Jon Koon started making millions at the age of 16 when he opened the first-ever auto-parts business in New York City known as “Extreme Performance Motorsports” – an aftermarket auto company has  become one of the main suppliers for today’s hit television series “Pimp My Ride.”

Shortly thereafter, while studying at Georgetown University, Koon took his storefront one step further, filling a void in the industry with his first overseas manufacturing business, Kanoochi –an automotive parts brand that continues to distribute worldwide in over 20 countries.

Jonathan Koon is the owner of extensive clothing collection, comprising more than 2,000 pairs of jeans.

Jonathan Koon is a Chinese American entrepreneur, artist, and fashion designer who became a self-made millionaire at the age of 16. He made millions by importing Asian car-parts as a teenager.


Now, Jon runs Private Stock: a fashion concept store in Andy Warhol’s former studio – a mighty 5,000 square foot space in New York. Denim is hung on canvases upstairs, mixed with waterproof cashmere, layered with intricate detail and bracelets lined in tiger-eye stones from Brazil.

Jon said that Private Stock is the upper end of ostentatious luxury, but that’s the point.

“As Andy Warhol once said, ‘Being good in business is the most fascinating kind of art’,”

because you’re definitely an artist, yet you’ll never be recognised for it. The drive to make money has never been apparent to Jon; business was a means to an end: he mentioned that he is always interested in being a creator.

Everything has been about creating these concepts – through importing, manufacturing and  designing.

jonathan koon


The 27-person, privately held company, Koon claims, is worth $80 million.

“..this is about a 27 year old entrepreneur, artist and designer who made his first at the early age 16 and has now reached $80 million with his millioncompany, TyKoon Enterprises.  He’s partners with leading European Designer Domenico Vacca on his jeans line, partners with hip-hop artist Young Jeezy in his  8732 Apparel brand, and has recently launched his own denim line – Private Stock. Jonathan Koon has planed to make his way to his first billions  before hitting 30!”

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