Youngest Indian Internet Marketers

Youngest Indian Internet Marketers

Youngest Indian Internet marketers

Youngest Indian Internet marketers

There are many Internet marketers in the world who are generating a huge revenue using their skills. In this article we are going to introduce you to the Youngest Indian Internet Marketers. Here we are talking about SANJAY and  SHRAVAN KUMARAN  who are doing great job as internet marketers at this young age. 

The two brothers look adorable in their pair of neat formal suits and shoes. Shravan kumaran and his sibling brother Sanjay kumaran are perhaps india’s youngest Entrepreneurs.

Youngest Indian Internet marketers
Sanjay and Shravan kumaran

SANJAY is 12 year old and he is the CEO and SHRAVAN, 14 is the president of GO DIMENSION, an app developing unit that was founded two years ago in their home in chennai.

When they start talking, they have crowds hanging on every word they say. They organised an  event in Bangalore and talked about how to draw up a bussiness plan. “you should have a strong idea, self-confidence, a good bussiness plan and know about sources of funding. ” said sanjay with the confidence that we usually listen from much older people.

They are the student of Vales billabong high international school chennai. According to their parents , from their childhood they had  craze in computer and both used to spent hours in searching more which  lead them to develop mobile application.
They are the founders of GO DIMENSIONS mobile application unit out of their passioin in the last month of 2011 but with in two months they got popular.


 CATCH ME COP, the first mobile application organised by them was displayed at Apple’s App store.
They got attention of, one of the famous website for tech news, listing of popular apps and reviews.
In the last two years the two brothers have developed almost eleven apple app that are available on the Apple application store . All these application have collectively recieved over 35,000 downloads.

  • Their most popular application includes
  • ALPHABETS BOARDS {An app organised for kids to learn alphabet}.
  • PRAYER PLANET( the game is for religious prayers of different communities ).
  • COLOR PALLETTE ( this app is for learning various colors for kids).
Youngest Indian Internet marketers
Prayer planet, catch me cop, alphabet board

CATCH ME COP is a game application which is only accesible on iphone and ipad. In this game app whole nation is behind a convict who escape from prison and runs through the difficult places including desert,  beach and maze fields.

They developed more than 150 test app before launching the first app, Catch Me Cop. Another famous app Alphabets Boards , got a rating of 5 on the app store, “said shravan, who gave the credit to apple founder steve jobs for inspiring them . And how can we forget his famous line, ‘stay hungry, stay foolish, “he said.
Being popular and their star status, they have feets on ground, They admire MAHENDRA SINGH DOHNI for his aggresive play. They gave the credit to their Father “KUMARAN SURENDRAN” Director with antivirus and security solution.

They said they want to see GO DIMENSIONS as one of the fastest growing app developing companies for creating more educational apps for kids.

” Once we achieve those kind of numbers, we will launch our first paid app, “shravan said.


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